Setting Floorp as the default browser on Linux

Floorp for Linux does not allow you to set the default browser to the OS from within the browser. However, you can set it as your default browser with a few simple steps.


Using your operating system

Debian Ubuntu

  1. In the System menu, open Preferences, then Preferred Applications.
  2. On the Internet tab under Web Browser, choose Floorp in the drop-down.
  3. Press Close.

Mandriva + KDE 4

  1. In the KDE Systemsettings, go to the Advanced tab, then to the File associations icon.
  2. Click on the html tab under text, choose Floorp in the menu, rise it to the top of the list.
  3. Press Apply.

Fedora RHEL + KDE 4

  1. In the Applications menu, open the System Setting tab, then go to the Default Applications icon.
  2. Click on the Web Browser line on the list of displayed services and type firefox in the Default Component menu.
  3. Press Apply.